BMBF-Bekanntmachung: GO-Bio next

Directive to strengthen start-up activities in the life sciences "GO-Bio next", Federal Gazette of 06.05.2024

From 22 April 2024

1 Funding objective, funding purpose, legal basis

Life science innovations are drivers of social and medical progress. The transfer of ideas from academic basic research to application, for example through the spin-off of a start-up, is of particular importance.

With regard to this transfer, life science research projects face numerous challenges - including long development times, high risk of failure, high regulatory requirements and high capital requirements. Private venture capital is usually not available to a sufficient extent in the early phase.

This is where the guideline comes in, by preparing scientists willing to found a company for the commercial utilisation of their research results and supporting them in the sustainable further development of the research project in a spin-off.


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