OptoSigma Europe gründet OptoSigma Germany GmbH in München

Munich, Germany - March 20, 2024 - OptoSigma Europe SAS, a leading provider of photonics and optical components, is proud to announce the establishment of OptoSigma Germany GmbH, a dedicated sales office situated in Munich. The operation will be started at April 1, 2024. This strategic move marks a significant step in enhancing OptoSigma's commitment to providing unparalleled support and services to customers across Central Europe.

OptoSigma Germany GmbH will serve as a vital hub for catering to the needs of customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. By establishing a local presence in Munich, OptoSigma aims to streamline operations, improve accessibility, and deliver prompt and tailored solutions to its growing customer base in these regions.

The board of Optosigma Europe appointed Dr Alain Schebath as the CEO of Optosigma Germany GmbH. He is the General Manager of Optosigma Europe since 2021. " With the establishment of OptoSigma Germany GmbH, we are reinforcing our commitment to providing exceptional support and services to our valued customers in Central Europe," said Mr. Alain Schebath, CEO of OptoSigma Germany GmbH. "This strategic move aligns with our overarching goal of fostering closer relationships with our customers while ensuring prompt access to our extensive portfolio of photonics and optical components."

OptoSigma remains committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. The establishment of OptoSigma Germany GmbH underscores the company's dedication to strengthening its global footprint and delivering unparalleled support and services to customers worldwide.

For more information about OptoSigma and its comprehensive range of photonics and optical components, please visit www.optosigma.com.

About OptoSigma Europe SAS:

OptoSigma Europe SAS is a leading provider of photonics and optical components, offering a comprehensive range of products tailored to meet the diverse needs of customers worldwide. With a commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, OptoSigma strives to deliver cutting-edge solutions that empower researchers, engineers, and manufacturers across various industries.

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