8th European Seminar on Precision Optics Manufacturing (2021)

Main topics:

  • Manufacturing and measurement of optics from mm- to m-range and optical systems: Processes for grinding, polishing, centering, assembly, handling, surface modification, cleaning and coating of optics
  • Standards in optics manufacturing. Design of optics, error budgeting, fusion of optical and mechanical design, strategies for optical design within mechanical tolerances. Optical design SW: experiences, current developments, license models & alternatives
  • Advanced and next generation technologies in high precision manufacturing: Ultraprecision machining, kinetic abrasive polishing, additive manufacturing, molding, new and special materials, next generation of giant optics manufacturing and testing
  • Smart fusion of manufacturing and measurement of optics: Lessons learned in industry and research institutes in environment, media control, process stability, measurement, data handling and data mining
  • Internet of things: Data handling and security within the value chain from optical design to manufacturing process, optical systems and their integrity and vulnerabilities

Seminar Chairs:
Dr. Oliver Fähnle, OST Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences
Prof. Dr. Gerald Fütterer, DIT
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rolf Rascher, DIT

Conference Language: English

Presentation Formats:

  • Conference paper with 20 minutes talk including 5 minutes for discussion
  • Moderated digital presentation

Please send your abstract via SPIE to: t.b.d.

Abstract Formats:
Abstract submissions should be 1 page in pdf, app. 300 words in length;
Heading: Arial 12, bold; author: Arial 11, bold; text: Arial 11

Important Dates:

  • Abstract Submission by 13 January 2021
  • Paper Submission by 14 March 2021
  • Paper Final Review by 21 March 2021
  • Seminar: 13 April - 14 April 2021

Fee for:

  • Authors EUR 250, VAT included
  • Acess to POM proceedings EUR 150, VAT included
  • Participation in the digital seminar, free

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact Alexander Haberl
via e-mail alexander.haberl@th-deg.de or by telephone +49 9923 80108 423

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