Advanced Modeling of Microlens Arrays with VirtualLab Fusion

23 November 2021
10:00 – 11:00 (CET) and
18:00 – 19:00 (CET)



In modern optical systems, the applications of microlens arrays (MLAs) cover a broad and varied range: as the main component in Shack-Hartmann sensors or in light field cameras, as collimating elements for emitter arrays (VCSEL or diode bars) or playing a vital role in diffusers and homogenizers. These are just some of the many uses to which this type of element can be put.

The new Microlens Array component in the fast physical optics modeling and design software VirtualLab Fusion with its optional lateral channel decomposition technology makes the simulation of optical systems containing MLAs much more efficient and user-friendly. It gives control to the user, allowing him to investigate the behavior of each microlens in the array independently, or of all of them together. At the same time, all the perks of the field tracing technology that has become the signature of this powerful software are still there: the different modeling levels are the key to the consideration of diffraction in different parts of the system. In this webinar we are going to

  • Present the new Microlens Array component included in VirtualLab Fusion 2021.1 Advanced.
  • Demonstrate the simulation of a Shack-Hartmann sensor with VirtualLab Fusion.
  • Investigate the propagation of light behind an MLA in detail, play with the inclusion of diffraction, and illustrate the potential of the lateral channel concept in the process.

The figure shows several simulation results of an MLA, with different engines, in VirtualLab Fusion.


Olga Baladron-Zorita
Senior Optical Engineer

Olga Baladron-Zorita is employed as a Senior Optical Engineer at LightTrans International. Among other tasks, she conducts webinars and training courses based on VirtualLab Fusion.

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