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Control of the Accuracy-Speed Balance in Optical Design of AR/MR Devices

13 June 2023
10:00 – 11:00 or 18:00 – 19:00 (CEST)
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The design of optical devices for augmented and mixed reality (AR & MR) epitomizes the most important challenges that one must unavoidably face in the modeling and design process of complex optical systems for modern applications: striking a delicate balance between accuracy and speed, while retaining the flexibility as a user to adjust said balance as necessary.

Complex physical effects like the interference between overlapping beam footprints and how it affects eye-box uniformity, the coherence properties of the employed source, the entanglement between the initial polarization state of the light that enters the system and the vectorial effects introduced by the different components in the system, or the influence of diffraction on the point spread function/modulation transfer function of the device up to and including the human eye, are just a handful of examples of complex physical phenomena which couple together in an AR/MR waveguide to influence the final performance of the device.

Being able to include all these effects (and many more!) when required, while at the same time ensuring that the simulation remains as fast as possible, is exactly what the software VirtualLab Fusion offers through its flexible combination of interoperable modeling techniques on a single platform. And you always remain in the driving seat, with full control of the simulation parameters, so that you can strike the balance that you need.

Join our webinar to not only see what VirtualLab Fusion is already capable of in the field of AR & MR, but also to get a sneak peek at the exciting upcoming features, like the Distributed Computing Toolbox and the Optimization Toolbox!

You will afterwards surely agree with us when we say:

„VirtualLab Fusion. As accurate as needed. As fast as possible.“


Olga Baladron-Zorita | Senior Optical Engineer
Olga Baladron-Zorita is employed as a Senior Optical Engineer at LightTrans International. Among other tasks, she conducts webinars and training courses based on VirtualLab Fusion.

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