"5 Mio pcs 50 µm SAC balls within minutes" - 2021 Webinar Series

After the awesome first edition we are looking forward to our second webinar. We invite you to increase your knowledge of progress and innovations in the field of micro and optoelectronics. This time we have a closer look to this topic:

"5 Mio pcs 50 µm SAC balls within minutes"

March 16 at 4.00 PM.

In less than 60 minutes you get deep impressions from our experts as we discuss new industry trends and share with you our technology portfolio, implementation strategies as well as already successfully generated applications. We show the

  • unique ball placement method
  • advantages of the ball drop processes
  • elimination of costly post-processes
  • advantages compared to other available techniques on the market
  • coverage area of the technology

Take that chance! 

Send an email to: webinar(at)aemtec.com  or register online by using this registration form: LINK

With little effort you will gain intensive knowledge and insight: just register and dial in. We are looking forward to you! 

Your AEMtec Team 

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