OASIS8 - International conference & Exhibition on Optics & Electro-Optics

OASIS8, a large conference on optics and electro optics, that will be held in Tel Aviv, ISRAEL, on 12-13 December 2022.

It is the 8th in the series of highly successful bi-annual conferences that attracted researchers from Israel and from abroad.
With 1500 participants and 15 sessions of lectures on the latest and most important research and developments in various disciplines:  pure research and applied research, engineering and industry.
Some of the sessions will be dedicated to fields such as lasers and applications, micro and nano-optics, medicine and biology, photonics in industry, atomic and quantum optics,  optical engineering, spectroscopic and optical sensing, non-linear optics, electro-optics devices,  ultrafast phenomena, non-linear optics and solar energy.

OptecNet will also offer a delegation trip and exhibition opportunities. If you are intersted please contact Anke Siegmeier oder Mike Richardson.

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